• Mary Ann Graves

A New Beginning

Hello all and I am so happy you have found yourself on my blog! You have found a great space to read, laugh, fall in love and hopefully, leave your day a little brighter and better.

My name is Mary Ann Graves and I am venturing into a new season of life. Our life is already crazy enough with 4 kids(you'll hear much more about them later on); however, I have decided to take a lifelong passion and turn into a reality! I am beginning my photography business and honestly, I could not be happier! Photography is an interest that has always been with me. I have always wanted to take those picture that takes your breath away.

I finally decided after a beautiful trip to Cambodia, to take charge of my camera and get the pictures I knew I could learn to get. I was so disappointed sitting in front of the majestic Angkor Wat looking at the back of my camera and not seeing the beautiful site that was before my eyes. I came home and began online photography courses to help better my camera skills. I have been learning for the 4 months and it has completely revolutionized my world! I now know how to take the pictures that where stuck in my head. As I ventured further and further into lessons, I realized I could do this professionally. My heart leaped at every thought of continuing to further my learning and offering others the gift the God is developing inside of me.

So here goes....are you with me on this journey!? If so, sign up to receive info, updates, and promotions!! I have developed a website, Facebook page, and Instagram! I am beginning my blog to help you all keep up with everything going on at Mary Ann Graves Photography! I will have latest photo sessions, informative articles such as: styling guide, what to expect at your session, how to pick a good photographer, and many many more helpful tips and tricks!

Sign up and Stay tuned!! Big things are here!!

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