• Mary Ann Graves

Linzie + Vann

This fun and sweet couple was a last minute booking that I am SO happy I was available!!

Their love story is very evident just walking through their day with them. They had their closest friends, family and the cutest of them all, their precious little girl all present as they joined together as man + wife. I was only there for a few hours but the time I did spend with Linzie + Vann was amazing. They have the sweetest hearts and truly have so much love for every person they come across. Linzie + Vann took time to personally greet & thanking every person that was there. During the receiving line, I can honestly say, I have never seen more pure happiness, laughing and radiant glow coming from a Bride, like Linzie!!

I was honored to be present when they exchanged vows with their daughter standing with them. It was such a beautiful day!

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